Saturday, September 8, 2007

Who's Your Team, Tough Guy?

To the Anonymous idiot in the two previous posts (you know who you are)--I have a couple of questions for you. My team won again today against University of Miami. Should I feel proud today, or what? I mean, since you seem to know exactly how I am supposed to feel, will you please tell me when it is OK to feel good that my team won? I tell ya what, every Saturday that OU plays and wins, please contact me and tell me if it's OK to celebrate. According to your sorry ass logic, I can only celebrate when we beat a team that is as good as us. Which, judging by the way the last two games have gone, could take a while until we find one. Also, who the hell is YOUR team? Did they win last week and today? If so, by all means, please celebrate. And another thing, if you're going to come on my blog and make a dumb ass comment, at least leave your name.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Dash and Albert Rugs

I love these indoor/outdoor rugs from Dash and Albert. There is one under my kitchen table now. The other day I noticed that it was looking a little dirty under little "C"s chair so I took it outside and hosed it off. When I brought it back inside it looked as if I had just purchased it. This is definitely a must buy for anyone with kids.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Are You Ready?

Are you ready? That's right, are you ready? College football season is here! We don't have any pro teams here in out town. We don't have any sporting events really, except for college sports. And, nothing is more exciting in this state than college football. Just like some of you are somewhat obsessed MLBA (e.g. Red Sox), this state and I are obsessed with college football. My son's first birthday is in October, and I will have to plan his party around football games. As crazy as it may sound, I will probably never be able to have his party on a day when OU has a home game. Sad, but true.

With this being said, my Sooners opened up a can of whoop ass on North Texas yesterday. (Did I just say "whoop ass"? See? This is how crazy college football makes me) I'll save you from the details, but let's just say OU was pretty much unstoppable. OK, so North Texas is a bit weak. But, it felt good yesterday. We play Miami next week, so I'm sure the score won't be as lop-sided. Unlike North Texas, Miami apparently has players who can throw, pass, run and tackle. Just a rumor though.
Here's to a great fall football season everyone!! Boomer Sooner!