Thursday, May 31, 2007

Crewcuts Summer Contest

Hop on over to Crewcuts and try your hand at their summer contest. I have tried 2 days in a row and haven't had any luck. Maybe one of you will be the big winner.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Food Allergy Awareness

A must see video if you know anybody with food allergies. It is so enlightening to see what a child experiences with food allergies through their very own eyes.

Family Vacation

We are off today on a family vacation to Sea World in San Antonio. We are traveling with another couple who has a little girl the same age as Little J and a baby the same age as Little N. Little J is really excited and I know he's going to love it! We've been talking non-stop about whales for a couple of weeks now. However, we are driving, so please be thinking of us today and tomorrow, as I have no idea what to expect while driving with a 3 year old and a 7 month old. It should be interesting. But, we have plenty of DVD's and food for Little J. As for Little N, well, let's just hope he sleeps a lot!

We are stopping in Dallas today and heading out early tomorrow morning to San Marcos outlet mall, just outside of San Antonio. Apparently, The View ranked it the third best place to shop in the WORLD! They have Neiman Marcus, Saks, Kate Spade, Lacoste, J Crew, etc., etc. Almost any store or brand you can think of, they have it!! I'm excited to find some deals!! I'll definitely keep you posted on my purchases!

I'll be back on Sunday, but S#1 will be here to keep you connected!

Have a good week!

Oh, by the way, wish S #1 a Happy Birthday this weekend--her birthday is Saturday, June 2nd! (I had to post this b/c I know she's too modest to tell you guys!)

Monday, May 28, 2007

I Need A New Recipe

I am going to a recipe party in the next week and I need a new recipe. So the challenge to you guys is to send me your favorite recipe because I'm at a loss as to what to take. My recipe box needs a little uplift with some good ideas. I feel I make the same stuff evening after evening. So if you guys have a good recipe, and I know you do, please shoot it my way because I know my friends do not want what is in my box. Thanks guys.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

And The Winner Is....

The winner of our 100th post giveaway is the wonderful Tommiea. Send us an email so we can get your address and we will let you know what you won. Thanks to everybody who played. We are going to have to do this again because we had a blast getting a comment from everybody.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Thank You!!!

Well we did it. It took a couple of days, but we finally got 51 comments!!! Thanks to everybody out there who stopped by. We had a lot of 1st time visitors and of course we had our wonderful regulars stop by. We will draw on Sunday morning so stop in sometime Sunday and we will let you know who has won.

A big thanks again!!

Have a fabulous and safe Memorial Day Weekend!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

100th Post Contest

In celebration of our 100th post we are having a random giveaway to anybody who comments. However, we must have 50 comments by midnight Saturday the 26th. At that time if we have received 50 comments one lucky winner will be drawn randomly out of a hat. So spread the word and keep the comments rolling in.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Neiman Marcus Summer

All three bags are Kate Spade. She knows how to do it right, huh? I always like to peruse Neiman Marcus and add things to my Neiman Marcus wish list. Because, you know, some day, I might actually pay off my law school student loans and have extra money to pay for an adorable Lobster tote! (It should be noted that Big H also has student loans from law school. Man, I hate those things!)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I thought this book would be such a cute birthday gift idea for that child that seems to have everything. I need to get this book for myself and see just how many places I have missed in my short 34 ear life.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

You Know You Are Loved...

You know you are loved when you walk into your little guys room and instead of glee and a kiss you receive a strawberry and the belting out of "NO DADDY"!

However, when it is time to have your diaper changed it is I, the chosen one, who gets the full fledged honor.

Oh the joys of motherhood!!

Have a fabulous weekend ladies!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Monogrammed Wall Plaques

I love anything that has a monogram or name on it. Especially for my little girl. My husband has made comments in the past that we will never forget her name because it is everywhere. I found these adorable signs from a company called Drooz Studio.
Hop on over there soon because they have the cutest personalized art.

A Better Evening

Last night was ten times better than the previous night! (See previous post) I went to a cooking class with my mother-in-law and Big H had to take care of the kids! The class was great--the chef cooked the whole meal and we watched. Some people took notes, but I was too busy enjoying the wine and champagne to care about the details! I just liked the fact someone was cooking dinner for me .
Bit H also had to take Little J to his soccer game last night. Our team is quite young, we are 3 playing mostly 4 and 5 years old. Our team doesn't quite "get it" yet, so there's a lot of running off the field, picking flowers and crying by our kids. Last night only 3 team members of ours showed up! Three things happened last night that I missed. 1) Our team won. Don't ask me how, but with only 3 players we pulled off an upset. 2) Little J scored a goal. A big improvement from the other games where he would just stand there and look at the ball and run around on the other soccer fields. 3) After Little J scored he went to the middle of the field, dropped his pants and peed. I guess Little J was so excited about his goal, that he to do SOMETHING to show is excitement! The referee was laughing too hard to say do anything about it. So wish we would have caught that on camera.

Monday, May 14, 2007

My Evening

Let me start by saying that Big H was not going to be home this evening because he's involved in a beach volleyball team. That's right, you read it right--beach volleyball. Anyway, we arrived home from swimming lessons around 5:15. (By the way at swimming lessons, it took me 10 minutes to get Little J in the car, while I was holding Little N.) We pull into the driveway. I turn around and look at Little J in the backseat. I say, "please go immediately inside, so I can start dinner.". He looks at me. I look at him. We both look at each other. I sigh. I get out and get Little N out of the car, then I walk around to Little J's side and let him out. We spend 10 minutes outside in the somewhat warm weather. I'm sweating at this point. I finally get him inside and start to prepare dinner.
I sit Little N in his highchair, knowing full well that my time is precious while Little N is not crying or whining. I take out the pork. I begin to prepare the pork. I'm starting to hear a little bit of whining from behind me. But, I keep working. I hear a full scale scream and whine and turn around and see Little J terrorizing Little N---I ask him to stop. He continues what he's doing. I'm still trying to prepare the pork; Little N is SCREAMING, Little J thinks it's funny, so he's running around like a chicken with its head cut off and laughing. I begin to cook the pork. Little N is still SCREAMING. I take a deep breath. I stop and take Little N out of the highchair and hold him. His screaming stops. I'm holding Little N on one hip, while cooking with my free hand.
At this point Little N is getting way to close and grabbing for the hot stove. So, I say f*** it and sit him in his highchair. Immediate screams from his mouth. The pork is not cooking as planned. Little N is still screaming!!! The damn screaming!!! The kitchen fills with smoke, all the while Little N is screaming. Did I mention that he was screaming??
I'm trying to figure out what is going on with the pork. More smoke fills the air. Little N is still doing his thing. All of sudden, Little J comes into the kitchen and says, "mommy, I pooped". What? Are you serious? Come on.
I take him to the bathroom. Clean up his mess. Little N is still crying, the whole house is filled with smoke at this point, and I'm wiping a butt with poop all over it!!! I can't take it!!!!
I have a mild breakdown and try to eat with Little N on my lap--still crying. Little J is running around without any pants or underwear, as I was too busy to put new underwear on.
At 6:15 Bit H rushes through the front door. (His game is at 6:30) Smoke is filling the house, Little N is cranky, Little J is going CRAZY and Bit H says not one word--not one damn word to me. He runs upstairs, changes and then leaves for his game. I think I look like shit and I'm pretty sure I feel like shit at this point and my husband just confirmed all of this to me.

Kids are now in bed. I now have a headache. Big H is now on my shit list.

Sorry. I just had to vent.

Horchow Discount

I found these monogrammed outdoor plaques at Horchow. The good news is that Horchow is offering a discount of 25% just by entering 25spring at checkout.

Friday, May 11, 2007

What Color Are You?

I am the color green. It says I am a very calm and contemplative person. Others are drawn to my peaceful, nurturing nature.
At times I feel I am this person. What color are you?

Anthropologie Beach Days

Just wanted to follow up with my sister's previous post. Found these great sunny day beach items at anthropologie. The top bag is for all of you lobster lovers out there!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Gymboree Finds

I can always find something adorable at Gymboree for my daughter, but for my two boys it seems to be a little harder. Until I found these glorious finds. How cute is this lobster shirt. I'm thinking my little one year old would be quite the hit with this. They also have an adorable lobster print bathing suit that I didn't post. I know where I will be headed tomorrow.

Monday, May 7, 2007

I'm A Horrible Mom!!!

By now most of you know that I have a little guy with extreme food allergies. Well today my two younger kiddos and myself went to the grocery store. If you are like me it would be a luxury to just go to the store by yourself. Some days I'm blessed to have this and on other days, like today I am not. The one thing I thought I had going for me was that I didn't have that many things on my list. However, we all know what that turns into, a cart full of nothing you really needed.

After a half eaten bag of gummy bears we finally made it over to the food area. Wouldn't you know it bug #3 is starting to get antsy. What can I give him to tide him over till we leave? I know Pringles, he loves Pringles. I grab 3 cans of the reduced fat Pringles, which by the way has changed their packaging, and I open one of the cans. We are almost finished with our shopping excursion when I look down at bug #3's face and see hives all over his mouth. Oh shit, what has he touched? Still not thinking that it was anything that his own mom had given him anything, I frantically replay the last hour. Then I look closely at my little bug #3's shirt and hands and see cheese. Who in their right mind would give a child who is deathly allergic to dairy? It was me I'm the culprit!! There is no excuse for what I did I just wasn't paying attention and grabbed a can of the cheesy Pringles instead of the original. Thank goodness he only paid with a few hives around his mouth and not a trip to the ER.

This was a lesson to me that I need to slow down and not be in such a hurry all the time. It not only makes me crazy, but my kiddos are affected as well. A hard lesson to swallow in these chaotic times, but a lesson none the less.

Friday, May 4, 2007

We've been tagged

OK--- we've been tagged by Tommiea. I'm (S#2) going to do the first four random things about us and then S#1 is going to do the last three. Here goes:

1) My high school basketball coach sent me and about 5 other teammates to my high school's student assistant program b/c she found our we were all going out and drinking on the weekends. She thought we were alcoholics. Seriously? She was really, really lame. We went to the counselor and he was totally cool and reassured us that none of us had a problem and that we were just being kids. We only had to go to two sessions. This was not the proudest moment in my parent's life, let me tell you.
My coach found out from another girl on the team who never went out and wasn't a part of our "group". I'm suspecting jealously played a part in her tattling. I'm still kind of mad at that girl. Anyway.......

2) My family is and has always been big University of Oklahoma fans. However, one would think that I would actually marry the same. Nope. My husband is a big Oklahoma State fan and so is his family. So on days they play each other, I can't talk to him and sometimes I make him leave the house.

3) S#1 and I used to fight A LOT when we were younger, particularly over clothes. Dumb, I know. One time we got in a huge fight and I picked up a large, fat candle and chunked it at her. It hit her square in the face, leaving a horrible mark. My parents weren't home so I begged and pleaded with her not to tell them. I was scared shit less! Surprisingly, she didn't tell. In fact she made up a story that she ran into the shower door. Nice. I was off the hook. I totally would have told on my ass! She was a lot nicer than I would have been. We just recently told my parents this story a couple of years ago.

4) I have a tattoo on my left shoulder blade. I hate it. I got it when I was 19 in New Orleans. It's a sun. I really liked it for about 3 years, and then I regretted getting it. It wouldn't be so bad if it was in a place I could hide. But any time I wear sleeveless shirts, it kind of pokes out. This is bad for formal occasions b/c most of the dresses are sleeveless. I bought some expensive make-up to cover it when I got married and I think it did the trick. Anyway, my nephew, when he was about 2 1/2, asked me what was on my shoulder and I told him it was a sticker.....really dumb explanation. Well, my 3 year old has asked me and I again reverted to the ole sticker explanation. I have no clue what to tell him when he's older......

S# 1' turn now:

1) As most of you know, my youngest son, who is 20 months old, has severe food allergies. He's mainly allergic to eggs, milk, and peanuts. We're pretty sure his allergy to milk and peanuts could be deadly. So, I have become an expert at reading food labels and administering Benadryl. I can't even feed him anything that has been processed on the same plant that processes tree nuts or peanuts. Needless to say it is extremely hard to find things for this kid to eat! I have no idea what we are going to do once he starts school---I'm hoping his allergies will become less severe. It's difficult to see his brother and sister eat ice cream b/c I know one day he's going to want it and he won't be able to have it!

2) I think I have a phobia of storms/tornadoes. I think it goes back to my childhood and whenever the sirens would sound we would run across the street to our neighbor's cellar. I don't know, but I always need to be right by a T.V. whenever I see the sky darken.

3) I'm crazy about property. I'm especially crazy about other people's property (remind you of a really bad 90's song?). Anyway, if there's an open house in our neighborhood you can bet I know about it, and that I'll be the first in line when the door opens. If I had more time--i.e. fewer children--I'd go to open houses all over the city. Here's the weird part: I'm not in the market. I just love looking at houses, inside and out, comparing little details with my own and mostly it's a good way to spend a weekend day in the neighborhood. Most of you probably noticed before, but there are no screaming children at open houses. So, in addition to looking at cool houses and getting ideas for my own, I get to relax without the background noise of my 3 little ones waging all out war. Now, before any of you get too quick to judge, I'll bet there's many a house lurker among us, and you know who you are. Just admit it. It's a really fun way to spend some much needed down time on the weekend.

OK those are things about us! We tag anyone who want to play!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I Always Knew I Was Worth A Lot More!!

To every mom out there please read this. But, does it really surprise any of you? I'm always telling Big H that I wear 20 different hats in a day. Maybe we will all start to become more valued as mother's day approaches. Or, maybe now S #1's husband will take all of her blogging hints for mother's day gifts!! However, I guess you really can't put a price on all of the special moments you as a mother spend with your children. Like today, I caught Little J singing in the most precious voice along to his Peter Pan movie and every time Little N smiles, it melts my heart. I love it.

Anthropologie Find

I found these vases at Anthropologie and I thought they were quite different. I read a little closer and saw that they were called "ale house recycled glass vases." They are made from recycled beer bottles so no two are shaped the same. Something quaint for your home and earth contious as well. Nothing better than that.